Durdana is a Licensed Homeopath as well as a regular (MBBS) doctor in Mississauga, Canada. She has a 27+ year experience in Homeopathy. She is Licensed with College of Homeopaths of Ontario #15077. She has helped 3,200+ people in 8 different countries recover from acute and chronic illnesses.

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meet durdana

My name is Durdana and I have treated 3,200+ patients in the last 27 years using homeopathy. It is fair to say that doing so was hard work. Despite that, I still absolutely love what I do - it was never about the money – it was the passion that drove me towards helping others. My goal is to treat 1,000 patients in 2019. If you have health problems which are causing you trouble and preventing you from leading your ideal lifestyle, let me know - I am here to help.