7 Ways in Which Homeopathy Differs from Conventional Medicine

Homeopathy can be used for patients who are suffering from a wide range of health conditions. These conditions include the following:

  • Migraines or severe headache
  • Fatigue
  • Autoimmune disorder
  • Indigestion
  • Allergies
  • Skin disorder, and more

In Homeopathy, all areas of a patient are looked into and it is believed that an illness, or an infection, is not just a single symptom but a set of symptoms. Homeopathy uses natural remedies to trigger the body’s own natural system of healing.

Homeopathy has a wide range of benefits, including being used as a treatment for allergies. There is evidence that Homeopathy works in the treatment of allergies and Homeopathy is used in a very similar way to conventional medicine and treatment.

There is evidence that Homeopathy works alongside therapy to help reduce symptoms of depression and Homeopathy can often be used alongside some certain types of psychotherapy to help treat symptoms of mental and emotional disorders.

People suffering from depression are most likely to be prone to sleepless fatigue, indigestion, muscle aches and more. Most symptoms connected to different kinds of emotional and/or mental disorders can be addressed by a homeopathic doctor. Homeopathy can be used alongside some types of psychotherapy to help treat symptoms of a mental disorder and help in a patient’s quick recovery.

With Homeopathy there is no risk of overdose. For the fact that homeopathic remedies are produced from natural substances and not man-made drugs or chemicals which could contain some toxic substances, they are found naturally and most often used in low quantity or low doses, therefore, the risk of addiction and negative side effects are very low and rare.

There is also evidence that homeopathy works in trials and publications on scientific journals that have been conducted in respect of Homeopathy. A study conducted in the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital in 2005 reported that over 70 percent of 6,500 patients experienced improvements in their health after receiving homeopathic treatment.

In late 2014, there was further evidence that homeopathy works when a total of one hundred and four papers published in peer-reviewed journals reported on the outcomes of controlled trials in Homeopathy on over 61 different medical conditions. 41 percent of the papers reported a balance of positive evidence, 5 percent have negative balance evidence and 54 percent have not been conclusively positive or negative.

According to further research carried out in 2001 to determine the outcome of Homeopathy treatment, a study was conducted to compare the effectiveness of Homeopathy in a primary care setting. The main outcome measures the primary response to treatment, defined as cured or major improvement.

The result was as follows, out of the four hundred and fifty-six treated patients, two hundred and eighty-one of them received Homeopathy treatments and one hundred and seventy-five received conventional medicine.

The way they responded to treatment, as recorded by the primary outcomes for treated patients who received Homeopathy, was 82.6 percent, and 68 percent for conventional medicine. The improvement they got during recovering time in less than one day, and in one to three days, was recorded to be 67.3 percent for Homeopathy and 56.6 percent for conventional medicine.

79 percent of patients cured with Homeopathy were truly satisfied and 65.1 percent of patients treated with conventional medicine were truly satisfied. In both methods used, sixty percent of cases had consultations which lasted for about 5 and 15 minutes.

It could be said that in each of these studies, Homeopathy treatment was more effective than conventional medicine treatment of patients. Further evidence that Homeopathy works.

There are many sources of Homeopathy medicine. Homeopathy derives its medicines from the plant kingdom. The herb Calendula is also known as the Pot Marigold and forms the basis for the homeopathic remedy Calendula. Calendula is used in herbal and homeopathic therapy to facilitate, as well as accelerate the healing of wounds. It is also used to alleviate any irritations on the skin.

Secondly, Homeopathy treatments are sourced in the animal kingdom.  This doesn’t mean that animals are killed and served to you. There is a fish called the cuttlefish which sends out ink to confuse its patrons who come after her. This ink in Homeopathy is used as a medicine called Sepia and Sepia is a homeopathic remedy indicated for easy fainting, hot flashes, chronic hepatic trouble, pulsating headache and uterine disorders.

Thirdly, Homeopathy has treatments and remedies which have originally come from the mineral kingdom. The common salt on your table is used as a medicine and treatment. The sand under your feet is used as a medicine and treatment. Homeopathy can be as pure as any other system can be, with very effective and very gentle methods of treatment derived from natural medicines of nature.

With this in mind, we’ve created a list of 7 ways in which Homeopathy differs from conventional medicine and you can read those 7 ways below.

Number #1 – Long Lasting Results

When you’ve dealt with a variety of cases and conditions with difficulties in mobility, Homeopathy treatment is one option which does not harm your body. Homeopathy gives you long lasting and, in many cases, instant results because the entire approach is holistic. You also learn more about your condition, what to do with it and how to manage it on an ongoing basis.

With every episode of a sickness or ill-health, each individual learns how to handle the next one, without having to go to any doctor for it whatsoever. Homeopathic doctors teach you the holistic approach nobody ever teaches you, that your body is quite capable of healing itself, you just need to provide it the environment, and that’s what medicines, diet restrictions, and everything else should be doing for you.

As they say, a healthy mind houses a healthy body. Or a healthy body houses a healthy mind. It is most certainly true. When you start to take this into account, you can see just how true this really is and you can start to enjoy the benefits this brings.

If you ever have a thought and that thought is not going in a positive direction, you will start to notice that your body is taking the natural progression towards sickness and ill-health. The principle of Homeopathy is based directly on this: like cures like. Similar things cure similar things. Although this is very generic it is also very true and works extremely well.

In conventional medicine, treatments react directly on the disease. Immediately pathological tests are done, and as soon as the infection is identified, a drug is offered, which is capable of killing the infection. These drugs administered, while killing the infections, also kill normal body cells and give birth to many side effects, which make the patient weaker.

The Homeopathy approach is different. In Homeopathy, drugs are specifically offered to work with the immune system. Once the patient is well, the drugs are stopped, and the patient stays well throughout his/her lifetime.

Homeopathic medicines, unlike conventional medicines, are produced and taken from natural sources. Homeopathies are all-natural recipes used for the treatment of illness or disease which could be taken from plants, minerals or animal products.

Number #2 – Works Naturally on the Root of the Problem

Conventional medicines suppress symptoms artificially while Homeopathy, rather than suppressing symptoms, gets to the root of the problem and allows the body to naturally bring itself back into balance.

The purpose of conventional therapy is to ensure the illness is controlled through a steady use of medicines. If the medication is stopped, the patient goes back to their original state of illness. A patient who takes drugs for high blood pressure daily will not be healed, but only controlling the symptoms of his/her illness.

Number #3 – Suitable for all

Homeopathy remedies are suitable for all, irrespective of age. They are safe to be used by adults, kids and even pet animals without any side effects. Homeopathic medicines are all carrying natural recipes, unlike conventional medicine which most often have side effects such as drowsiness.

Previous deep research was made to show that Homeopathy can heal even serious diseases like tumors, cancers, renal failures and many more. There is now substantial evidence that homeopathy works and also the process in which Homeopathy medicines work can now be proved. The cures of many surgical cases are around the use of Homeopathy treatment in addition to conventional medicines.

With the use of scans, it has been proven that Homeopathy can supplement the treatment and cure for tumors. With the use of pathological tests, chronic renal failure can now be confidently treated with the combination of conventional medicine and Homeopathic medicines.

Apart from serious cases, simple cases such as gastric ailments, thyroid disorders, respiratory problems and arthritic conditions are normally treated by Homeopathy medicines.  Homeopathy can also conveniently be used to treat certain conditions seen in pregnant women, as a result of the nontoxic and ultra-diluted nature of the medicines.

Number #4 – Each Case is Unique

Homeopathy sees illness and disorders in people quite differently and uniquely. Homeopathy believes that although patients may be suffering from similar or the same symptoms, they may not require the same homeopathic solution or remedy. A Homeopathic doctor will look for a remedy to suit the specific symptoms and circumstances of a patient.

Conventional medicine gives the same medication to patients with the same symptoms and illnesses which may just help control the condition and not cure it. This may lead to the return of the symptoms once the medication is withdrawn. For instance, the use of a nose inhaler gives relief but it doesn’t cure the real issue. Homeopathy aims to use natural remedies for a natural healing process.

Number #5 – Personalities and Circumstances are Taken into Account

Homeopathy considers all aspects of an individual. Homeopathy takes into consideration the feelings and personality of a patient, and homeopathic doctors aim to seek the details on what is personal to the patient and their own personal environment, such as relationships, work and the nature of the work, personal features or characteristics, etc. The doses required would then be determined and administered, which could be more of the dose or less of the dose depending on the individual circumstances at that particular time.

Number #6 – Prescriptions are not Necessary

Conventional medicine can sometimes depend on lab tests and gives prescriptions based on the result of the test conducted. Although Homeopathy uses lab tests, it is done for the doctor to learn and know more on the patient’s state, the whole experience of the patient and the expectation in order to render and administer the correct help in the most effective way possible. In a nutshell, it is seen in the light of a patient’s self-report and examination.

Once a Homeopathic doctor completely understands a patient’s situation, circumstance and set of symptoms, treatment is given without the need of a prescription to be administered.

Number #7 – Accessible and Affordable

Homeopathy treatments and remedies are extremely accessible, available, cheap and affordable. Due to the fact that Homeopathy treatments and remedies are all taken from completely natural sources, they serve as good first aid treatments and vaccinations for illnesses and conditions.

For instance, the venom from snakes and scorpions can be used within vaccines and antibiotics in conventional medicine. In homeopathic medicines, the venom would be diluted and a dose of it could be drunk by the patient. This has little or no effect at all on the person.

In summary, international companies are beginning to understand the importance in producing homeopathic medicines and they are being used more and more frequently. The ability to use this method of treatment is spreading continuously throughout the world and is being reported within the mainstream media on a daily basis. The whole world is turning to homeopaths for their treatment and even educational institutions who teach Homeopathy are currently booming.

Homeopathy has grown and developed into something which is really quite different from how it was in the past. Considering the above evidence that Homeopathy works, uses, and benefits of Homeopathy to humans, it is something that people will continue to use and develop to a greater height for many years to come.

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